Thank you for the wonderful 7 years!
I had great experience meeting people from all over, introducing new and familiar faces,
traveling to different cities, and lecturing different colleges and schools.
What a ride! I really had a great time.

It was a difficult decision for me after several months of soul searching, it was time for me to stop and
put down my brushes and paint away for awhile. I need to focus on other priorities and especially my daughter too.

I have so much to say and not enough time to sit down and share with you all, but I will say this:

I personally thank all and each one of you who have been a
great fan, follower and supporter of my artwork.

I have received numerous fans who wanted to keep the online store open until the end of this month.

Well... guess what?

I will keep it open until
the end of this year!

Click the link below

Take care and have a wonderful more years to come!
P.S. I don't like saying "goodbye" or "farewell" so I would say...

Paint On!

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